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2023 ICBPS Symposium With Northwell Health(1)

A Symposium on Multidisciplinary Approaches

IC/BPS AND OTHER FORMS OF PELVIC PAIN: A Symposium on Multidisciplinary Approaches Chronic pelvic pain that may include conditions such as interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome, prostatitis, pelvic floor muscle spasm, and…

What The Heck Is Going On With IC(2)

What the heck is going on with IC?

What the heck is going on with IC? The Down There Docs get real about IC and common pelvic floor issues! Learn more about the science behind lifestyle and integrative…

Dr. Rachel Rubin And Desert Harvest(1)

Navigating Sexual Wellness with IC/BPS

Navigating Sexual Wellness with IC/BPS: Practical Tips and Insights Join the ICA and Dr. Rachel Rubin on Wednesday, September 13th at 8:30pm ET for a webinar that focuses on the…

Raise IC Awareness!

Help Us Raise IC/BPS Awareness!

Download and share these graphics with your community to raise awareness about IC/BPS throughout the month of September! Be sure to tag the ICA in your posts!

IG Promotion (Twitter Post)

Instagram Takeover

The ICA has invited ICA Board Vice-Chair Claudia King to kick off IC Awareness Month this year! She will be taking over the ICA’s Instagram account for the entire week…

Virtual Support Group

VIRTUAL IC/BPS Support Group with Barb Zarnikow

Are you tired of struggling with the challenges of IC/BPS alone? Do you long for a supportive community that understands your journey? Look no further! Our event is designed to…

Images For Website(25)

Calling for Applications for the ICA Medical Advisory Council

The ICA is calling for applications from leaders in interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS) health care and research to advise and support the activities of the ICA by serving on…

Finding The Right Mental Health App

Finding the Right Mental Health App

With stress management a key part of the treatment plan for IC/BPS, smartphone apps that support stress reduction, mindfulness, tracking and regulating emotions, and other practices that support mental health…


Discovering hope and healing: My journey with IC/BPS

It happened out of nowhere. One day in December of 2000, I was perfectly fine. The next, I had unbelievable stabbing and searing pain in a place that no one…

Join The ICA Board Of Directors(1)

Calling for Applications for ICA Board of Directors

ICA is calling for applications of knowledgeable, engaged, and inspired volunteers to fill positions to lead, advise, and support the activities of ICA by serving on its Board of Directors…