ICA’s Online Support Community – New Mobile App

We are excited to share with you that ICA’s Online Support Community is now available in a new mobile app from our partner, Inspire. We are confident the app will provide an even better experience in our online community on … Continued

IC Diet Survey

In an upcoming issue, ICA Update will focus on the IC diet. We want to hear from you! All responses will be anonymous unless permission is granted to contact you. Thank you for taking a moment to provide your feedback. … Continued

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Being active and getting yourself up and moving is important when you have interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS). Regular exercise helps maintain your heart, lungs, muscles, bones, joints, bowel, and brain function. The health of your bladder also depends on good … Continued

Meet ICA Volunteer, Linda Salin

Linda Salin has been involved with the ICA for over 30 years. She is currently one of the volunteers who answers emails and returns calls to IC patients who contact the ICA. Read more about Linda in this article from … Continued

Do you have a question about IC?

We are here to help! Visit the ICA website at https://www.ichelp.org/support/ask-an-ic-question/ or email us at icamail@ichelp.org.

More to Come in 2020! 

Walk for an IC Cure….or come to meet and greet healthcare providers and IC patients in your community! The ICA introduced the Walk for an IC Cure program with our first Walk in 2018. With your help, the program increased … Continued

Minted Donates to ICA with Your Purchase

Order your holiday cards and gifts from www.minted.com and they will donate 15% of your purchase to the ICA. You will also receive 20% off your order. Use this unique promo code to support ICA when placing your order: FUNDRAISEICA

Amazon Donates When You Shop Through smile.amazon.com

You shop. Amazon gives…to the ICA! When shopping at smile.amazon.com, Amazon will give .05% of eligible purchases to the ICA. Please note: You must shop from the smile.amazon.com website, not Amazon.com or the Amazon app. For direct access to the … Continued