Managing IC Care – Doctor’s Forum

From the spring 2016 issue of the ICA Update. A pelvic pain specialist explains the role patients can play. —Jennifer Yonaitis Fariello, MSN, CRNP Jennifer Yonaitis Fariello, MSN, CRNP, is Nurse Practitioner for Female and Male Pelvic and Sexual Medicine … Continued

Summer 2017 ICA Update Available Online

The ICA Update is our award-winning magazine with in-depth stories about IC research, treatment, and lifestyle issues. The latest issue, entitled “Half the Battle” includes articles on building your knowledge of IC and how to build your relationship with your doctor. … Continued

Intimacy Beyond IC

From the spring 2017 issue of the ICA Update. Rethinking what closeness means when facing chronic pain. Whether in a longstanding relationship or dating, intimacy is one of the biggest challenges faced by IC patients. Along with chronic pain, there’s … Continued

I Won’t Apologize for Having Fun While Chronically Ill

Great article from Healing Point Counseling on The Mighty. You don’t ever have to feel guilty for having a good day, taking some time for yourself, or having fun! Read the article at

New IC Blog

Check out this new blog by a mom who has IC, as well as her daughter. Her blog, called Stupid Blueberries, Being a Mommy and Having a Kid with IC, is helping to raise awareness about IC. One of her … Continued

ICA Puts the Science Into Diet and the Fun Back In Food!

For years, IC patients have known that what they eat can make a big difference in their IC symptoms, and the American Urological Association lists diet modification as a first-line treatment for IC. Up until now, the standard non-scientific “IC … Continued

IC-friendly Stretching Can Help Relax the Pelvic Floor

From the winter 2016 issue of the ICA Update. Stretching with IC can relax the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles, releasing the stress and tension that builds up in the pelvic region. Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS, CSCS, developed the … Continued

Does Your Cat Have IC? recently published an article entitled Healthy Paws: Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. “Ever had a cat that peed on things around the house when they were “mad” or were doing it “out of spite”? Or had a male cat … Continued

Deep Breathing in 10 Easy Steps

From the Spring/Summer 2013 ICA Update Slow, deep breathing is a common feature of many relaxation techniques. It is fairly simple and a good starting place on your journey to a relaxed state. “There are many different types of breathing … Continued