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Take Action Today: Request a Proclamation for IC Awareness Month

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Imagine the power of a single document, a proclamation, that can shine a spotlight on IC/BPS. It’s not just a piece of paper, but recognition from government officials at various levels, acknowledging the contributions and achievements of the IC/BPS community.

Request your proclamation today for IC Awareness Month in September of 2024!

We, at the ICA, believe in the power of proclamations and the difference they can make. That’s why we encourage our community to request a proclamation from their jurisdiction for IC/BPS. Proclamations need to be requested annually, and each jurisdiction has its own protocol for submission. Some require several months to process…so now is the time to submit your request! Check your state and local websites for more information and make your voice heard. Last year, ICA Board Members and staff paved the way by obtaining proclamations in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas for the 2023 IC Awareness Month. Now, it’s your turn to join the ranks of these advocates and make a difference in your community in 2024. Together, we can raise awareness and change lives. Let’s make IC/BPS a cause that no one can ignore.