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How to Navigate Sexual Wellness with IC/BPS: A Webinar Recap

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On Wednesday, September 13th, the ICA held a highly informative webinar titled “Navigating Sexual Wellness with IC/BPS: Practical Tips and Insights.” Featuring Dr. Rachel Rubin, the webinar aimed to provide valuable insights and practical tips regarding the sexual health of individuals living with IC/BPS. This webinar was made possible through the sponsorship of Desert Harvest, one of ICA’s corporate partners.

Attendees were offered practical tips on how to manage symptoms and enhance intimacy with partners while minimizing discomfort and pain.

Dr. Rubin emphasized the significance of open communication and collaboration between patients and healthcare providers. This communication is crucial in identifying individual needs and tailoring treatment plans to optimize sexual wellness.

The Q&A session towards the end of the webinar provided attendees with an opportunity to seek clarification on specific concerns. Participants were encouraged to actively engage with Dr. Rubin, who provided detailed responses and shared her expertise.

The webinar proved to be an incredibly valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their sexual wellness while managing the challenges posed by IC/BPS. Dr. Rachel Rubin’s expertise and the ICA’s dedication to providing relevant and accurate information created a supportive platform for individuals to explore this often overlooked aspect of their health.