IC Proclamation Requests

Requesting and submitting state and local proclamation requests can be an excellent way for the IC/BPS community to take action!

Requesting a Proclamation...Why It's Important

Requesting and submitting state and local proclamation requests can be an excellent way for the IC/BPS community to take action! If you're not familiar...proclamations are official documents issued by government officials at various levels, such as state governors or local mayors. They recognize and honor the contributions and achievements of the IC/BPS cause. By seeking a proclamation, we can effectively raise awareness about IC/BPS.

A proclamation is issued for a day/week/month in order to bring awareness to an issue (like IC/BPS), event, or celebration.

Obtaining a proclamation adds credibility and legitimacy to the IC/BPS cause. When a government official publicly acknowledges and supports a cause through a proclamation, it sends a strong message to the community about the importance of IC/BPS awareness.

Requesting and submitting state and local proclamation requests is a powerful strategy to help boost IC/BPS awareness. The ICA encourages our community to request a proclamation from their jurisdiction for IC/BPS. Proclamations need to be requested annually and each jurisdiction has a different protocol for submitting. Check your state and local websites for more information and to request your proclamation for IC Awareness Month in September of 2024! We will be sending reminders in the ICA eNews.

Empowered advocates...ICA Board Members and staff (pictured below) have obtained proclamations in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas for 2023 IC Awareness Month!

WHEAREAS Statements

Your jurisdiction will likely request WHEREAS Statements. Please use the statements listed below.

WHEREAS, up to 12 million Americans (3 to 8 million women and 1 to 4 million men) suffer from Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS), a chronic bladder condition that usually consists of multiple symptoms including recurring pelvic pain, pressure, or discomfort in the bladder and pelvic region, and/or urinary frequency and urgency.

WHEREAS, the root cause of IC/BPS remains unknown and there is no cure;

WHEREAS, appropriate diagnosis can take months or years for patients as there is no specific test to identify IC/BPS, and treatment options and levels of relief vary greatly from patient to patient;

WHEREAS, IC/BPS involves chronic pain which can greatly impact a patient’s everyday activities, including the ability to work and mental health;

WHEREAS, IC/BPS patients have historically faced a lack of dignity and understanding for their condition;

WHEREAS, the Interstitial Cystitis Association is the only non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for IC/BPS awareness and research funding, while providing a community for patients to connect;

Now, THEREFORE, I, (fill in the blank city/state official), do hereby proclaim September 2023 as: Interstitial Cystitis Awareness Month


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