So You Have IC, Now What?

When first diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC) you may feel alone. Don’t — 4 to 12 Million May Have IC. At the Interstitial Cystitis Association (ICA), we offer the most need-to-know information for IC patients and the best information to help you live with IC.

Top Questions IC Patients Ask

Have questions about your new diagnosis? These are the most common questions asked by newly diagnosed IC patients:
Q. What can I do about my chronic pain?
Q. Is IC a progressive disease?
Q. Where can I go for positive support?
Q. Is there a cure for IC?
Q. Can I have IC and still be intimate?
Get more of your IC questions answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Top Treatments for IC

Some of the treatments available for IC can be provided to you by a healthcare provider that has experience with IC. You can also take some of your treatment into your own hands. Here are the top treatments for IC as outlined in the AUA IC guideline:

First-Line Treatment

Second-Line Treatment

Third-Line Treatment

Fourth-Line Treatment

Fifth-Line Treatment

Sixth-Line Treatment

Fifth and sixth line treatments, such as immunosuppressants and Botox, are for those who have tried and failed multiple treatments. You may want to seek a second opinion about these treatment options. For these treatments, also look for a doctor who is an IC expert.

Top Money Saving Tips for IC Patients

It is important to not only manage your IC symptoms, but also the burden that IC may put on your wallet. Here are the top ways to save:

Revised Thursday, February 21st, 2019