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‘Tis the Season to Be Generous – 12 Ways of Giving to ICA

We understand that the holidays are a crazy time of year for most people. But it is also the time of year when IC patients need our services the most. With the generosity of individuals like you, the ICA can provide advocacy, research funding, and education to ensure early diagnosis and optimal care with dignity for people affected by IC. Since we understand your time is valuable, we want to make it as easy possible to include us in your charitable giving this year. Giving Tuesday, which raised over $7,500, was just the first of 12 ways of giving to ICA. You also have the option to give monthly, or you may work for a company that has a corporate matching program. ICA also partners with Amazon where a portion of your purchase is given back to ICA. Every gift counts. Your generosity truly gives hope to those with IC and the courage to fight another day. Donate today!