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Things Can Get Better!

My name is Jann and I am 72. About 25 years ago I began having increased frequency of urination, sometimes as often as every 15 minutes. At this same time, I began having pain reminiscent of a urinary tract infection. When I would see my doctor my test results always indicated that I had a UTI with microscopic blood in the urine. Antibiotics would help initially, but the symptoms would always soon return. I was referred to a urologist who after a bladder biopsy dilation under anesthetic gave a diagnosis of interstitial cystitis.

After the bladder biopsy I had significant discomfort at the biopsy sites and the resulting catheter caused a related problem – vulvodynia. I then researched the IC diet and learned how low oxalate foods are easier on the bladder. In my research I also learned about treatment with vaginal suppositories, which eventually relieved the vulvodynia.

About that time, I contacted ICA, who helped put me in touch with a urologist with experience treating IC. He recommended a sacral nerve stimulator. With this in place and using the oxalate patches for overactive bladder , I have much better control and have been in remission for several years.

From this experience I have learned that you can help yourself and find help. I recommend doing the following to help yourself. First, do research (the ICA website is particularly helpful). Second, remain in touch with ICA and ask for help. Third, don’t be afraid to frequently change physicians until you find one that will work with you. Lastly, and most important, never give up as things can get better!

Jann McGaughey