There are a seemingly endless supply of online resources available today, most of them for free, to help you build or maintain your support group. Use them to help boost your online presence, post group announcements, advertise for upcoming meetings, and communicate on a regular basis with your members.

Create a Support Group Website

Creating a website is easier than you think. With sites like Google providing you a pre-made template, all you need to do is type your support group information into to get started.

Create a Support Group Blog

A support group blog is another way of creating a space online, similar to a website. However, it also allows blog readers to make comments on information you’ve posted, which creates a more interactive atmosphere than a standard website.

Create an Online Group

An online group is another tool to allow you to easily communicate with your group members, and them with each other. Online groups provide a space where group members can post messages, upload documents, send emails to the group, and create a group calendar.

Online Group Invitations

Not sure about who’s coming to your group? You don’t need to only rely on emailing your members. You can also use free online invitation programs to send invitations for your group meetings or special events

Other Social Networking Tools

There are many other social networking tools that you can use for your support group, whether they be for communication or socialization. Check out this list to see what some of your options are.

Revised Monday, August 31st, 2015