Interstitial cystitis (IC) support groups play a vital role in connecting IC patients with each other. In addition, many IC support groups serve as essential educational forums for both newly diagnosed and veteran IC patients. And, those who lead support groups often report that they cope better by helping other IC patients and family members.

About the ICA Support Group LeaderKit

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease like IC can be overwhelming, but talking to others who share your condition can be as therapeutic as many treatments. Many IC patients express genuine relief when they realize that other people actually share their feelings and symptoms. This ICA Support Group LeaderKit provides a comprehensive resource on how to start and lead an IC support group. The LeaderKit is rich with resources for both the veteran IC support group leader and someone who is just thinking of starting a support group.

Topics covered include:

The Basics

  • What is an IC Support Group?
  • Who Attends IC Support Groups?
  • Who Makes a Good Support Group Leader?
  • Forming an IC Support Group
  • Setting the Agenda/Meeting Topics
  • Finding Speakers

Getting the Word Out

Meeting Facilitation

  • Welcome and Reading of Disclaimer
  • Icebreakers
  • Main Session
  • Meeting Evaluation


Providing Phone Support

Providing Online Support

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