Having a strong support network can be extremely important when managing a chronic illness like interstitial cystitis (IC). This support can come in a variety of forms:

Find a Healthcare Provider

When you have IC, finding the right healthcare provider is key to the successful management of your condition. The free ICA Healthcare Provider Registry, now online, is a great way to begin your search. Containing over 1000 healthcare providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, dietitians, and counselors, the Registry will provide you with the information you need to build your IC healthcare team—in just a few clicks!

Ask an IC Question

Do you have a question about IC? Fill out the online form to receive an answer from our patient advocate.

Support Groups

Find a support group in your area, resources for starting your own support group, as well as information about online IC support resources.

ICA’s Online Support Community

ICA’s Online Support Community is a place of peace, hope, and advice providing comfort for patients, family members, friends, and healthcare professionals looking for ways to better understand the impact of IC.

Virtual Patient Education

Resources for ICA patients, supporters, and healthcare providers, these educational materials cover a variety of topics that the IC community has indicated are important and sometimes difficult to understand.

ICA Facebook Community

IC patients can get support and discuss the challenges of living with bladder pain, urgency and frequency online on the ICA’s Facebook Community support forum.

ICA on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with real time IC news updates.

ICHelp YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and view video shorts with IC experts.

Voices of Hope Blog

Anyone Can Get IC

IC can affect anyone. Women, men, and children of any age or race can develop IC. Read stories of hope, encouragement, and success from the IC community.

So You Have IC, Now What?

When first diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC) you may feel alone. Don’t — 4 to 12 million may have IC. At the ICA, we offer the most need-to-know information for IC patients and the best information to help you live with IC.


ICA Support Group LeaderKit

The Support Group LeaderKit is rich with resources for both the veteran IC support group leader and someone who is just thinking of starting a support group.

Revised Thursday, January 9th, 2020