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Summer 2017 ICA Update Available Online


The ICA Update is our award-winning magazine with in-depth stories about IC research, treatment, and lifestyle issues. The latest issue, entitled “Half the Battle” includes articles on building your knowledge of IC and how to build your relationship with your doctor. This issue is now available online to eligible donors.

In this issue:

  • Knowledge is Power – The Internet offers a wealth of resources for those with IC. Here are six things to know about finding the right information to help you.
  • Building a Solid Doctor-Patient Relationship – How you interact with your doctor can have a major impact on how you are diagnosed and treated.
  • Mindfulness Over Matter – Learning ways to manage stress when IC symptoms flare can be difficult, but research shows it can lessen symptoms.
  • ‘Hope is Informed Optimism’ – Recognizing your mindset—and realizing there are ways to shift it—are keys to the road to recovery.
  • The ‘Invisible Part of Healthcare’ – The health literacy field is evolving to address systemic issues that impact the patient-provider dynamic.
  • Voices of Hope