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Spring 2017 ICA Update Available Online


The ICA Update is our award-winning magazine with in-depth stories about IC research, treatment, and lifestyle issues. The latest issue, entitled “Human Relations” includes articles on how family, friends, and coworkers play roles in the lives of people with IC. This issue is now available online to eligible donors.

In this issue:

  • Human Relations – Family, friends, coworkers—all play roles in the lives of people with IC.
  • Family Matters – Helping those closest to us understand and live with IC.
  • ICA 2016 Annual Report – The association’s annual review of efforts to advocate, educate, and support research that will improve the lives of those with IC.
  • Practitioner’s Forum – Shellee Moore, LMFT, on the role therapy can play in navigating interpersonal dynamics.
  • Friends and Coworkers – Beyond family, others in our lives also are impacted by IC.
  • Faces of Hope