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Rhea’s Birthday Fundraiser for Interstitial Cystitis Association

On behalf of the ICA and IC community, we extend our thanks to Rhea for creating a birthday fundraiser!

“For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to the Interstitial Cystitis Association. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because as a woman who has had this disease for 31 years and as I sit here at 5:00 am unalble to sleep because the pain is NEVER ending tonight. There is no known cause and no known cure for IC; therefore the goverment has decided that investing money into research is not on the top of their list of diseases to study. I am asked on numerous occasions what is this disease and what does it feel like-well I am not going to go into what it is-but I ask you to PLEASE read up on it and you may understand a bit why at the age of 51 I have had to quit working and live each day not knowing if I am going to be able to function or if I am going to have to take morphine, valium, atarax and baclofen ALONG with my Fentanyl path just to be able to get up, take a bath and get dressed! (Ohdder and what it feels like is having a uti/bladder infection ALL the time.) I am one of the lucky ones-my husband Vincent Cook is an amazing and understanding man but most women are not so lucky-I can’t begin to tell you how many men leave their wives beause their lives change so drastically,,,so PLEASE take the time and do a bit of research on INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS and after reading about it and what we go through on a daily basis if you feel that you would like to help the IC Assoc. discover something new to help us I would greatly appreciate you support this “blind” disease (we call it that because it’s not something you can see-we don’t LOOK sick but trust me when I say – a pain level of 4 is a GOOD day for me!”

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