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ICA Disability Packet

The disability packet will be sent to your email address. If you need a hard copy mailed to you, please email us at icamail@ichelp.org. This packet helps with the decision to apply for disability benefits and the hearing process. Provides the Social Security Administration or your insurer with a “crash course” on the potentially disabling effects of IC. Includes a personalized letter from the ICA to your judge or insurer to help you to win your case. 40 pages plus letter and general brochure. When ordering, please email the ICA at icamail@ichelp.org with the following: Your full name, your full address with ZIP; Your phone number; Name of officiating examiner or judge at hearing, if known; Name, address, telephone of attorney, if using one. All personal information will be confidential. If you do not have all of the above-listed information, we can still make up a cover letter for your packet reading “To Whom It May Concern.”