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Over 100 Participants Joined the Arizona Walk for an IC Cure!

Host Meagan Sanchez, Pam Kays Lopez, DPT, and venue sponsor MDE Athletics were overwhelmed that over 100 participants came out on November 9 to raise IC Awareness and create a community of local support in Phoenix, AZ.

Meagan added flair to the walk program by working with MDE ATHLETICS who offered personal training sessions following the walk, opportunities to win raffles donated by various local merchants who showed they care about EVERYONE in their community. Check out the pictures to get a glimpse of this empowering and fun-filled day.

Many thanks to Meagan, Pam, MDE ATHLETICS, Jose’s Sheet Metal and ACE Home Services for sponsoring and showing up to walk alongside people living with IC in their community and raised $6,300 from donations, raffles and registration fees.

It’s not too late to support the Walk for an IC Cure program. Help ICA to march on by supporting the Walk for an IC Cure program today.

No one with IC should feel alone – there’s an army of supporters behind you, ready to march with you. The ICA fights misconceptions so that patients are not overlooked and misunderstood. We fight for continued healthcare provider education and IC research. We are working together to revolutionize the way we think about this condition.



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