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November is Bladder Health Month

Due to the efforts of various patient advocacy groups, including ICA, November is officially Bladder Health Awareness Month. During this month we all should focus our efforts on connecting, educating, and empowering individuals across the country to get the facts about important bladder health conditions such as interstitial cystitis, overactive and underactive bladder, urinary tract infections, bladder cancer, urotrauma, neurogenic bladder, and nocturia. Now is the time to take an active role in managing bladder health! Each week, a different bladder condition will be highlighted.

November 2nd-9th has been set aside as Interstitial Cystitis Week. This is the time to share our social media posts with friends and family. The goal for this month is to educate as many people as possible about the impact bladder health can have on a person’s life.

This year we have launched a challenge that will help to educate your family, friends, and the general public about IC!! Check out the #IC4ADay Challenge!


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