Interstitial Cystitis (IC) & Chronic Pelvic Pain News

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Top IC Stories:

Make it a Life-changing Year

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Make this year the best year ever by donating your birthday to help Conquer IC. The concept is simple. Join ICA’s Birthday Club and when someone asks you what you want for your birthday, tell them you want to Conquer IC. All you need to do is create a personal fundraising page that asks your friends and family to donate to ICA’s awareness, education, and advocacy efforts. Allow your loved ones to make a huge impact on your life and the millions of others who struggle with IC every day. What are you waiting for? Create your page, send out your emails, and make your birthday wish to change lives! Pledge your birthday to IC today. #BlowOutIC


Hot Topics from ICA’s Online Support Community

ICA’s Online Support Community is a place of peace, hope, and support and provides comfort for patients, family members, friends, and healthcare professionals in search of better understanding the impact of IC. Below is a list of some current hot topics. Join the growing ICA Online Support Community, where you can be connected to thousands of other people experiencing similar symptoms, situations, and emotions.

ICA Facebook Page “Post of the Week”

An ICA Facebook follower writes “Pregnancy and ic… I’m scared to death to be pregnant having such a tender bladder. But I don’t want to robbed of the chance to have a child someday. Would I be OK? Or is going to be hell?”

Read the responses to this post by joining ICA’s Facebook community. With over 30,000 followers currently using this Facebook community, support is just a click away.

ICA Healthcare Provider Registry

For many people with interstitial cystitis (IC), an effective treatment plan requires a team approach, including urologists and other physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, dietitians, and counselors. The ICA Healthcare Provider Registry includes clinicians who have agreed to be a referral source for IC patients. Any registered user of has access to this tool. Do you know of other healthcare providers who treat IC patients? Are you a healthcare provider who treats patients with IC and wants to be included in the ICA’s Healthcare Provider Registry? Email your name, suffix, specialty, practice name, address, phone number, and website URL to with your request to be included in the ICA Healthcare Provider Registry.

Latest Updates:

  • Physical Therapist – Charlottesville, VA
  • Physical Therapist – Weston, FL
  • Physical Therapist – Santa Maria, CA
  • Registered Dietitian – Santa Maria, CA
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist – Smyrna, TN

IC Support Group Updates

ICA is pleased to provide you with a list of IC, painful bladder syndrome (PBS), and chronic pelvic pain support groups in the United States and around the world. Go to to log in and search for a support group in your area.

  • IC Support Group – Miami, FL – Mar 11

Do you run an IC support group? If so, please share your information with us so we can post it on the ICA Support Group page. Want to publicize your next group meeting? Please email your information to 3-4 weeks prior to the meeting date.

ICA Quick Tip:

Do you have a story about IC to share? Do you want to share your story of hope and success and be an inspiration to others? Well here’s your chance. Send your story to us and we’ll post it on the ICA’s Voices of Hope blog. Stories of hope, encouragement, and successful living with IC are accepted from patients and healthcare providers, as well as family and friends of IC patients who have been affected by their IC. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more at:

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