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New Voices of Hope!

This week’s new Voices of Hope was sent to us from a young woman who was in excruciating pain every second of every single day for 14 years. Adding to her suffering, IC caused her to miss many experiences with her kids, friends, and family, leading to her losing hope. Then one day out of the blue she found relief in something not even designed for treating IC. Read this and other personal Voices of Hope stories.

Stories are being accepted from patients and healthcare providers, as well as family and friends of IC patients who have been affected by their IC. Check out the ICA Voices of Hope Blog to read previous entries. For more details, check out our Voices of Hope blog guidelines. Submissions may be shorter than the usual requirement – a paragraph or two is ideal, and don’t forget to send your photo with your blog submission. We’re excited to read and share all the stories! There are so many reasons to feel hopeful. Everyone has a story. Please share yours with others. You never know who you might help.