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Neuromodulation is Potentially Effective in Interstitial Cystitis

de Groat WC, Tai C. Impact of Bioelectronic Medicine on the Neural Regulation of Pelvic Visceral Function. Bioelectron Med. 2015 Jan 22;2015:25-36.

This report provides a brief summary on the clinical experience to date with neuromodulation, a treatment by which peripheral or spinal nerves are stimulated. Neuromodulation is an FDA-approved therapy for pelvic disorders such as urinary urgency, and is undergoing evaluation as a potential treatment for other conditions, including interstitial cystitis and pelvic pain. In addition to a discussion of clinical experience with neuromodulation, the report discusses how the therapy is thought to work. In general, researchers believe that the therapeutic effects of neuromodulation are due to stimulation of afferent nerves, which project to the spinal cord, where they release neurotransmitters that activate pathways to the brain or spinal circuits.