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Naturopath Saved My Life


Martone, KathyMy name is Kathy Martone and I have suffered with IC (I am a patient) for almost a year. For me IC was horribly painful with intense burning and stabbing-like pains in my bladder. The pain was so severe, I often panicked and looked for relief in any form that I could find. Of course, I also struggled with the urge and frequency of urination, sometimes having to rush to the bathroom every minute for periods as long as 30 minutes. I worried that my life was ruined, that I would never be pain-free again.

I did find some relief through dietary restrictions but I had to eliminate most of the foods I had been eating (and I had been eating organic already for many years before I was diagnosed). That in itself was a huge adjustment but worth it to stop the pain. Luckily I eventually discovered a naturopath who has worked wonders with me. I am now free of symptom and have been for two and a half months now. I eat whatever I want and never experience pain or urinary discomfort. I am so very grateful to this amazing man who literally has saved my life! I would encourage any of you who suffer with this disease to consider working with a naturopath.