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My Nine Year Old Daughter is Living IC Symptom Free

My eight-year-old daughter developed symptoms of IC last year within a month after having dental sealants placed on her teeth to help prevent cavities. I knew the symptoms could only be IC, but the treatment she received at her pediatric urology group was deficient, and they disagreed. The doctors felt she was anxious and needed Zoloft and to consult a psychiatrist. Her behavior specialist knew better and diagnosed her with a medical condition after 30 minutes!

Honestly, the story is too painful to recount in all its horrible detail. Thanks to copious quantities of both research and prayer, we found that she is allergic to the sealant epoxy. Learning that, the dentist promptly removed the tooth sealants and she was symptom-free within three weeks! My now nine-year-old daughter has resumed normal activity and is living IC free.

I hope this story can help someone else who is suffering. No one should have to sleep on the bathroom floor next to their child on the toilet for six months! I now understand the torment IC inflicts on its sufferers!

God bless!