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My Faith Helped Me Through

My name is Sara and I live in North Carolina. I am a 27-year-old single woman with Down syndrome. More than two years ago I was diagnosed with IC and pelvic floor dysfunction pain after medically ruling out any other potential causes of the pain in my bowel, bladder, and lower back areas. The pain was worse when I urinated, had bowel movements, danced, exercised, and consumed most food or drinks. I felt the need to urinate very frequently which not only caused pain but also disrupted my school and work schedules. Eventually my diet consisted of water, brown rice, flour tortillas, white fish, oatmeal creme cookies, and vanilla ice cream because all other foods and drinks triggered great pain.

Looking for relief I tried every treatment available to me, including surgery, distentions, instillations, oral medications, aloe vera capsules, physical therapy exercises and self-massage – all with no real improvement. When I eventually tried PainShield MD, its impact was immediately felt. Even though the pain was still present to varying degrees every day, over the course of about nine months my pain became much more tolerable until about a month ago when it vanished completely!

I typically wore the PainShield on my lower-front abdominal area, or wherever I felt the pain the most, for 13-15 hours per day, every day. However, I no longer have to wear the PainShield and am totally free of pain. On a daily basis I am adding more and more foods back to my diet without incurring any pain and so far everything I eat or drink is working well for me.

There were so many generous people who prayed for me to be relieved of this pain, and my constant faith helped me immensely through that difficult time. I do not know to what extent the ultrasound therapy contributed to my healing but I do know that it gave me great relief while I had the pain and would definitely recommend its use for IC and pelvic floor dysfunction pain.