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Listening to my “Gut”

I want to give others hope because I know how important it is to convey positivity when dealing with a chronic condition. My struggle with IC started 5 years ago after too many rounds of antibiotics for a bacterial infection. Due to a miscommunication between doctors, I was given 4 rounds instead of one to treat the bacteria. I believe the yeast and toxins created by the use of antibiotics wrecked havoc on my immune system. It was a really awful time, and I found myself at a loss for what would help my symptoms. I was determined to feel better, and although it did not happen overnight, I am happy to say I have been well now for five years.

With a combination of Elmiron, a clean diet, anti-inflammatory foods, supplements like Aloe Vera and marshmallow root, I am back to being myself again. Don’t give up hope!

Jennifer Blenkarn