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Introducing ICA’s Birthday Club

Row of colorful birthday cupcakes isolated on a white background

Every year we get a little bit older and hopefully a whole lot wiser. With that in mind, why not pledge to make this year extra special for you or someone you love!

Consider “donating” your birthday this year to continue ICA’s life-changing work on your behalf. Instead of receiving the typical cards and flowers, you can create a personal webpage that invites your loved ones to support IC awareness, advocacy, and research. No wrapping gifts, no finding a stamp to mail a card, plus your friends and family will know their gift is going directly to something that has the power to change your life and millions of others who suffer with IC. In addition, for every dollar you raise, you will get a soft credit that goes toward your annual donor benefits. The more your friends and family give, the more resources you’ll have access to. That is a gift that keeps on giving! ICA even takes care of the thank you note by sending an immediate email acknowledgement for their tax-deductible donation. So this year when you blow out your candles, you know that you are doing your part to help blow out the flames of IC. Pledge your birthday TODAY! #BlowOutIC