Due to the success of ICA’s first Virtual Walk for an IC Cure event that took place online and the requests to access the expert videos, we have made them available for the entire IC Community!

Almost 600 passionate participants comprised of IC patients, their families and friends, healthcare providers, and volunteers joined the event and cumulatively walked 9,893,825 steps, and raised over $50,000 for more IC awareness, better treatments, and an eventual cure for IC.

We are so grateful to all the donors and sponsors who contributed funds to the program, as well as the volunteers who gave their time! It’s never too late to support the Walk for an IC Cure program. Help the ICA march on by donating to the program today to bring awareness and educational events to more communities and online!

Visit the ICA’s YouTube channel to view the IC myth videos.

Revised Wednesday, October 28th, 2020