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ICA Signs Letter to Protect Patient Community

On March 23, 2020, the Interstitial Cystitis Association (ICA) signed on to a letter addressed to State Governors, Insurance Commissioners, Medicaid Directors, and Executive Directors Boards of Pharmacy regarding COVID-19 regulatory changes for the patient community. Below is summary of key provisions that were recommended.

  • Issuing an emergency regulation requiring that insurers operating within the state allow a one-time 90 day refill of covered prescription medications and lift barriers to obtaining medication from out-of-network pharmacies;
  • Preparing for the possibility of supply chain disruptions by requiring insurers to cover off-formulary prescription drugs if there is not a formulary drug available to treat the insured;
  • Ensuring prior authorization and reauthorization requirements do not impede access to care and treatment;
  • Facilitating authorization of home infusion services and ensuring reimbursement rates appropriately reimburse for such services;
  • Requesting authority to extend appeal and fair hearing deadlines to ensure important protections for patients who are seeking access to care and treatment; and
  • Seeking flexibilities afforded under section 1135(b)(1)(C) of the Social Security Act.

ICA is committed to protecting the well-being of anyone who is living with IC/BPS.


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