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ICA Responds to Research on the American Diet and Pain Susceptibility

Recently a team from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, focused on the impact of the Total Western Diet (TWD), typically consisting of foods containing fewer calories from proteins and more from saturated and monosaturated fats and carbohydrates. This diet is common to cultures in the Western world, and particularly the United States. Their findings suggest that the American diet may be particularly responsible for chronic pain, in that it may delay recovery from hypersensitivity and enhance susceptibility to pain. You can find the full article in the Journal of Pain.

Since diet is a first line of defense in the treatment of IC pain, ICA asked our Medical Advisory Board Member Barbara Shorter, EDD, RD, CDN, and former Executive Director Barbara Gordon, MBA, RD for their take on this research and other research as it relates to IC and pain. Click here to read their article.