ICA eNews

ICA eNews is the official e-newsletter for the only nonprofit charitable organization dedicated solely to improving the quality of healthcare and lives of people living with IC. The e-newsletter keeps the IC constituency abreast of the latest stories, up-to-date on IC news and announcements, and informed about IC community events. Advertisers enjoy targeted access to a niche market of IC patients and healthcare providers.

Advertising Rates*:
Ad Size and Dimensions
2 Issues (1 Month)
6 Issues (3 Months)
12 Issues (6 Months)
Text: 150 characters and link
Medium: 300 pixels x 250 pixels
Banner: 600 pixels x 90 pixels

*Prices listed above are per month

Submission and deadlines: Advertisers must submit their art, matching the exact dimensions of the specified ad, in the following format: 50KB max; JPEG, PNG or GIF (no Flash animated or text files) One link per ad; link must open in new window. Ads are due two weeks prior to e-newsletter release date.
Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Distribution: 35,000
Average open rate: 15.1%

Reserve your ad space in ICA eNews or learn more about other ICA advertising opportunities by contacting Jeff Leach at jleach@ichelp.org.

ICA Update

The ICA Update is the award-winning magazine for the Interstitial Cystitis Association, with in-depth stories about IC research, treatment, and lifestyle issues.

Frequency: 3 times per year
Distribution: 3,500

Ad Contract
Ad Material
March 17
April 3
July 17
July 31
November 17
November 30

Advertising Rates Per Placement:
1 issue
3 issues
Full page
½ page horizontal
Cover: inside front
Cover: inside back
Cover: outside back

Ad Sizes and Dimensions:
468 X 60

Advertisers must submit their camera-ready art, matching the exact dimensions of the specified ad, in one of the following formats:

  • Press-quality PDF (with bleeds when applicable) or
  • 300 dpi TIFF, EPS or JPEG (must be original minimum resolution)

You may email artwork to nmehall@ichelp.org. Please indicate the name of the advertising company, book and issue in the subject line of your email.
Advertising contact: Jeff Leach at jleach@ichelp.org

Dedicated Email Send

The Dedicated Email Send puts your company front and center in an exclusive email blast to the IC community. Communicate directly with IC patients and healthcare providers on your own terms with 100% share-of-voice and complete control of design, content* and subject line. We send only a limited quantity of these high-impact messages to keep reader engagement high – which would be a dedicated email to our e-newsletter audience.

Circulation: 35,000 IC patients, healthcare providers, and supporters
Frequency: limit 1x/month
Rates: $2,500/email
Contact: Jeff Leach at jleach@ichelp.org
*Content subject to approval by ICA

Webinar Sponsorship

ICA webinars are a leading source of research, treatment, and lifestyle information for the IC community. At each webinar, our expert presenters address the latest issues and news around interstitial cystitis. Each webinar also consists of a question-and-answer session, ensuring that you leave with the information you need. All webinars are promoted through dedicated emails, ICA eNews, www.ichelp.org website and social media platforms. Webinars are recorded and archived on www.ichelp.org.

Options: Webinar Branding Sponsorship: $2,500; Webinar Hosting Sponsorship: $5,500
Contact: Jeff Leach at jleach@ichelp.org

ICA Brochures

ICA has several brochures on different topics of interest of the IC community that can be can be printed with an advertiser’s company logo on the back of the brochure, demonstrating the company’s commitment to the IC community. Available brochures include:

  • About Interstitial Cystitis – A general information brochure containing basic information about IC.
  • Eating with IC – An overview of common food sensitivities and diet tips for people with IC.
  • IC and Vulvodynia – Information about strategies for coping with vulvar pain.
  • Living With IC – Self-help strategies to assist people in taking an active role in managing their lives.
  • Physical Therapy May Ease IC Symptoms – Information about working with a physical therapist and how to find one.
  • Real Men Get IC – Information on men living with IC and that it may often be mistaken for chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
  • Sex and IC – Information on IC and sexuality.

Minimum order per brochure: 10,000
Cost per brochure: $1.50

ICHELP.ORG Advertising

ICA’s website, www.ichelp.org, attracts IC patients, healthcare providers, and friends and family of individuals with IC who are interested in research, diagnosis and treatment, and information on living with IC.

Ad Size and Dimensions
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
728 pixels x 90 pixels

Site traffic:
Average monthly page views 200,000
Contact: Jeff Leach at jleach@ichelp.org

Revised Thursday, June 29th, 2017