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ICA Attends Grünenthal Kick-off Meeting


On February 14, 2018 in Cambridge, MA, ICA attended a kick-off meeting hosted by Grünenthal, to represent the diverse voices of patients living with pain. Here are a few highlights of what Grünenthal is working on:

  • We’re participating in a multi-group working session to advance projects to help pain patients live better lives.  We’re working on projects that will bring the patient voice and recommendations to pain severity scales and pain descriptors/language.
  • Grünenthal has invited patient advocacy group leaders from across the pain community to share their insights about ways we can collaborate on our shared goals.  They are committed to elevating the patient voice and integrating into their own programs, from as early as research and development.
  • The projects we are working on will be showcased at the 2018 US Patient Day, hosted by Grünenthal.
  • We’re thinking about ways to ensure that current efforts to integrate quality of life into pain severity measures and link how patients describe their pain to treatment goals are enhanced.  We know that it’s not easy – so we’re working together to build on the current science while bringing in your voice.

We’ll keep you posted as opportunities arise for you in our community to participate by providing your insights.