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ICA attends its first US Patient Day Symposium hosted by Grunenthal

ICA executive director, Lee Lowery, and board member, Jane Elsten, represented ICA at the “US Patient Day Symposium” hosted by Grunenthal. The aim of the Symposium was to identify issues of great concern to the pain community and areas of mutual interest between Grunenthal and patient organizations like ICA. In particular, Grunenthal wishes to bring a greater understanding of the experience of people with pain and their caregivers into its clinical development program. ICA was joined by 12 other patient advocacy groups that struggle with chronic pain. Participants spent the day describing their experiences in order to map the commonalities, differences and unmet needs in the pain experience. This is the first year that ICA has been invited to this annual event because Grunenthal has taken a new interest in helping IC patients. We look forward to future collaboration.