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ICA at the 2019 American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting

One of the many things your donations support is IC awareness and education of healthcare providers to help ensure early diagnosis and optimal care for IC patients. That includes ICA’s representation at the AUA Annual Meeting, an event that draws the largest gathering of thousands of urologists from around the world. The meeting provides attendees with nearly a week of urology education, cutting-edge research findings, a view of the latest in medical technology and treatment options, and gives them the opportunity to connect with colleagues old and new.

ICA Bringing Doctors, Researchers, & Patients Together

ICA hosted a supporter recognition reception to honor local ICA donors, IC researchers, the ICA Medical Advisory Board, members of the ICA Board, and ICA staff. This informal and intimate gathering gave ICA the opportunity to thank, connect, and re-connect with many supporters whose passion is to improve IC patients’ lives and who help make ICA’s work possible. Many thanks to the Werner Zarnikow Trust for sponsoring this event!

ICA at the AUA Patient Advocacy Connections Booth

ICA participated in the AUA’s Patient Advocacy Connections Booth, which gave former ICA Board Co-chair Barb Zarnikow and ICA Executive Director Lee Lowery the opportunity to meet and speak with other patient advocacy groups and AUA meeting attendees and to share the voice of IC patients. Barb and Lee also provided information to urologists who visited the Patient Advocacy Connections Booth on the topics of ICA’s role in IC research, as well as ICA’s contributions to bladder health.

AUA Poster Session

ICA also attended the AUA poster session to check out the latest in IC research. The 2019 AUA Annual Meeting Program Abstracts are available to the public at

On behalf of all the IC patients who will ultimately benefit from ICA’s IC education and awareness activities, thank you for your donations that made ICA’s participation in AUA 2019 possible.


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