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IC Mentioned in SELF Article

More IC awareness! IC was mentioned in an article entitled 11 Possible Reasons You’re Peeing All the Time on on January 10, 2018. IC is listed at number seven.

“7. You have interstitial cystitis.

This condition is called painful bladder syndrome for a reason, Garrett Matsunaga, M.D., chief of urology at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, tells SELF. Interstitial cystitis essentially happens when your body’s wires get crossed—instead of your pelvic nerves telling your brain you need to pee when your bladder is full, your brain receives that message more often than it should, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Along with a persistent need to pee even if you’re only releasing small amounts, this condition can cause discomfort while your bladder fills up, pain in your pelvis or between your vagina and anus, and pain during sex. While interstitial cystitis isn’t curable, there are ways to try to treat it, like with dietary changes, physical therapy to relieve pelvic pain, bladder training (it’s exactly what it sounds like—you start strategically delaying urination until you’re not going more frequently than normal), medications to relax the bladder and reduce pain, and more.”

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