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IC-Friendly Recipes

ICA Online Support Community member, grumpyoldlady has been busy collecting and sharing IC-friendly recipes! Join the conversation in ICA’s Online Support Community.

“I have suffered with IC for quite a long time like many of our fellow members and one thing I noticed from many conversations and from my daily life is that we were all having a hard time finding foods that we can enjoy to eat. I really wanted a way to bring together ideas and recipes to share so everyone could find ways to incorporate more foods into their diets with more flavor. I have been very excited seeing my IC recipe blog come to life and I have been very grateful for all the help from fellow members. I am looking forward to more great recipes and ideas in the future. I know this has given me more ways to enjoy food again! Now I do not have to eat only bland foods that don’t have any flavor. I really feel this blog and our community working together is making food fun again! Check out my blog at: a.k.a. grumpyoldlady”

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