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Holiday Survival Guide


ica-holiday-survival-guideThe holidays can be the most wonderful or the most dreaded time of year. Traveling, family, food, and STRESS! ICA knows that some of the best information on IC comes directly from patients like YOU! So this year we are asking you to HELP EACH OTHER survive the holidays by sharing your stories, travel tips, recipes, funny pictures, etc. ICA will turn your submissions into a Holiday Survival Guide in the next issue of the ICA Update published in December. The deadline to submit is Wednesday, November 9. Please use for all submittals.* In the meantime, check out our travel tips on the website, and don’t forget to order your ICA Restroom Access card.

* When you submit your story and/or photo, you allow Interstitial Cystitis Association to use your story and/or photo in both online and print formats. In addition, if we publish your submission, we will mail you a free issue of the ICA Update.