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For years, IC patients have known that what they eat can make a big difference in their IC symptoms, and the American Urological Association lists diet modification as a first-line treatment for IC. Up until now, the standard non-scientific “IC Diet” has focused almost exclusively on a long list of foods to avoid, to the point where many patients are lacking in nutrition or become afraid to eat. Today, ICA is putting the fun back into food and focusing on what you CAN eat instead of what you can’t eat. ICA worked with Medical Advisory Board Member Dr. Barbara Shorter, Ed, RD, CDN and Barbara Gordon, RDN, LD, former ICA Executive Director to provide the science behind IC and diet while also giving in-depth information on topics such as:

  • IC-friendly sources of fiber
  • How to keep a food diary
  • Understanding the link between food and triggers

To help take the worry out of IC-friendly meal planning, we teach you how to build a healthy IC Plate™ and Supporter Level donors of $50 or more get access to 21 easy IC Plate™ meals and nutrition information the whole family will enjoy. Put the fun back into food – check out ICA’s diet section and start taking back control of your life today!