There is hope that a urine test to diagnosis IC is coming soon. Two promising tests are in development. Both of these will be easier and less costly for patients.

APF Biomarker

A patent is pending for a urine test to diagnose IC by developed by Sonia L. Planey, PhD, and her team at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This test detects the presence of antiproliferative factor (APF), the urinary marker unique to IC patients discovered by Susan Keay MD, PhD, and her research team at the University of Maryland. Much of the early research conducted on APF was funded by ICA Pilot Program and Fishbein Foundation grants.

Amino Acid Diagnostic Marker

Tony Buffington, DVM, MS, PhD, professor of veterinary clinical sciences at The Ohio State University his research team, found that both people with IC and cats with feline IC process the essential amino acid tryptophan and its metabolite, kynurenine differently from people and cats without IC. The group found increased levels of these potential markers in blood samples taken from humans and cats with IC. This research, funded by a 2007 ICA Pilot Program grant, provides potential new diagnostic markers for IC. It also enhances our understanding of the chemical processes related to IC and may offer new directions for treatments and prevention strategies.

Revised Thursday, March 26th, 2020