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CDC Director Says Agency Will ‘Clarify’ Opioid Guideline

Many interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS) patients have been struggling to get access to pain medications. Pain News Network recently published an article regarding the announcement from CDC Director Robert Redfield, MD stating that the Agency will ‘Clarify’ the opioid guideline.

CDC Director Robert Redfield, MD, has for the first time suggested that his agency may be preparing to make changes to its controversial opioid prescribing guideline.

“CDC is working diligently to evaluate the impact of the Guideline and clarify its recommendations to help reduce unintended harms,” Redfield wrote in an April 10 letter to Health Professionals for Patients in Pain (HP3). 

Redfield was responding to a March 6 letter from HP3 signed by over 300 healthcare professionals urging the CDC to make a “bold clarification” of the voluntary guideline, which has been implemented as a mandatory policy by many insurers, pharmacies, states and practitioners. As a result, many chronic pain patients have been denied or forcibly tapered off opioid medication and become disabled or bedridden. Some have turned to alcohol and illegal drugs for pain relief.

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