To All Who Need to Apply for Disability

I’m writing on behalf of all the women and men battling interstitial cystitis (IC) every single day of our lives. Let me take you through our (my) world.  Let me advise you though that through my professionalism I tend to … Continued

Living a Normal Life for the First Time

I was diagnosed with IC in my 40’s, after being treated for years for painful UTI’s that evolved to include nausea, headaches, and diarrhea. I reached my lowest point after my husband returned from a one year deployment to Iraq, … Continued

Naturopath Saved My Life

My name is Kathy Martone and I have suffered with IC (I am a patient) for almost a year. For me IC was horribly painful with intense burning and stabbing-like pains in my bladder. The pain was so severe, I … Continued

A Husband’s Perspective

This goes out to everyone who thinks they can’t take it anymore, living with someone who is living with IC. I’ve heard of spouses leaving because they couldn’t take it anymore. Take what? Complaining of pain a few times a … Continued

Know There May Be Roadblocks

I get up every morning and face the day not knowing whether I’ll be having a good or difficult “IC bladder day.” Having had IC for over 23 years, I’ve been waking up with this question for 8,395 days. As … Continued

Voices of Hope – Life Is Still Good

Unfortunately, my IC journey is very similar to many other IC patients. I was diagnosed three years ago with IC. The doctor showed me the scope of my bladder and was unable to show me one healthy spot.  Along with … Continued

Never Let Go of Your Dreams!

Twenty-six years ago, I baffled the minds of the doctors in a small, northwestern Pennsylvania town. They weren’t expecting to deliver a baby with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). Born with a blue face and a very convex chest cavity, I … Continued

Media Can be a Pain Patient’s Friend

I have had IC for 45 years and do what I can to further our cause. In 2014, I was losing my family doctor and also the doctor who prescribed my pain meds. So I went through the directory looking … Continued

What I Have Learned…

When I was first diagnosed with IC after more than 18 months looking for answers, I remember looking at photos of my ulcerated bladder and thinking, “I do not want a chronic disease! Why would this happen to me?” My … Continued

Listening to my “Gut”

I want to give others hope because I know how important it is to convey positivity when dealing with a chronic condition. My struggle with IC started 5 years ago after too many rounds of antibiotics for a bacterial infection. … Continued