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Call to Action – Photos and Quotes

Your photos and comments are needed! Are you or someone you love an IC patient? It is estimated that over 12 million Americans have IC, and it can affect ANYONE at ANYTIME.  This is not a rare condition, yet most people, including healthcare professionals have never heard of it. IC doesn’t just affect you, it affects all of those around you. Join ICA in its fight to bring much needed awareness for ALL affected by IC by printing out the attached PDF’s and taking a photo holding the appropriate sign. Send your pictures to* In addition to your photo, please send us a quote that explains the affect IC has had on your life, whether a patient or a loved one. YOU are the FACE of IC. Let ICA give you a voice and raise IC awareness!

* By submitting your photos you hereby give permission to ICA to use these images for future communication purposes, and that these photos may be seen by the general public.