Calling All Interstitial Cystitis Advocates: We’ve got a new Congress and lots of new faces to educate about interstitial cystitis (IC)!

In January 2011, the 112th Congress took the reins and with this comes lots of new legislators to educate. Please join us for visits with members of Congress and their staff. Our goal is to meet with these new leaders and help them understand the special needs of IC patients. Your stories will help them better understand how their decisions affect IC patients, healthcare providers, and scientists.

Please join us—please help us get the word out to Congressional leaders and their staff about the need for dedicated federal funds for IC research and awareness initiatives.

Tell Your Story to Your Congress on March 31, 2011

Join the ICA on advocacy visits with members of Congress and their staff! We are looking for IC advocates from every state and the District of Columbia:

  • We’ll pair you up with others from your state.
  • We’ll set up the meetings for you with your state Congressional offices.
  • We’ll provide directions to a kick-off meeting and directions to the offices you’ll be visiting.
  • We’ll arm you with a package of educational materials to leave behind.
  • We’ll be there for you to help you along the way!

In exchange, we are looking for IC patients, healthcare providers, and researchers to:

  • Travel to DC (sorry we are not able to reimburse for travel expenses).
  • Tell Congressional leaders your IC story.
  • Follow up with a thank you note and reminder about the importance of dedicated funding for IC.

Virtual Stamp Out

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Revised Monday, March 30th, 2015