Dare to be ICAware!

An interstitial cystitis (IC) awareness event is a great way to help others understand more about IC, what it is and the unique challenges to living with a chronic, often painful, condition like IC. Anyone can get IC and recent study findings support that as many as 12 million people may have IC. You can help ICA raise awareness about IC!

Five Ways to Get Involved

  1. Host an IC awareness event in your community—help others understand that IC affects more than 4 million people including women, men and our kids.
  2. Spread the word among your online social network—Tweet about IC, encourage members to join the case at www.Facebook.com/causepage.
  3. Submit your story to ICAmail@ichelp.org for the ICA Voices of Hope blog—we post stories of hope and spread the word that you CAN live successfully with IC!
  4. Become an IC advocate—let your voice be heard, check out the Advocacy Toolkit for ways to educate Congress and other leaders about the need to expand research and find a cure.
  5. Consider a faith-based awareness event. Ask you pastor, rabbi, minister or other spiritual leader about putting an announcement in the community newsletter or sharing your story during a service.


Five Key Resources

1. Video 1. Facts about IC
2. Radio—Medical Update 2. IC at a Glance
3. Radio—Name 3. Imagine NO IC Research
4. Tweets 4. How to Find the Right Doctor
5. Facebook posts 5. How to Talk with Your Doctor About IC

Revised Friday, November 19th, 2010