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6th Annual Bladder Health Alliance Roundtable Meeting

6th Annual Bladder Health Alliance Roundtable Meeting Convenes More than 25 Advocacy Organizations in Washington, DC

Lee Lowery, ICA Executive Director represented the ICA at the AUA/UCF Bladder Health Alliance Roundtable meeting in Washington, DC. The meeting was attended by more than 25 patient, physician, and research advocacy organizations. Advocates convened for a full day meeting to discuss topics including innovative bladder health research programs taking place at the National Institutes of Health; collaboration opportunities for promoting policies that reduce stigma associated with bladder health conditions and improve bladder health behaviors; how advocates can become engaged with the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI); and the current federal research funding landscape and how advocates can best engage with lawmakers to protect funds for urologic research.

Of note was the closing panel that utilized the expertise and insight of District Policy Group who put together an impressive panel featuring former Congressman Phil Gingrey, MD, and Laura Friedel, Senate LHHS Appropriations staff. This panel resulted in engaging conversation that provided attendees with tangible tactics they can use to strengthen their grassroots advocacy efforts. If you haven’t already, you can view pictures and key takeaways from the event by searching hashtag #bladdersmatter on Twitter.

View the list of the Bladder Health Alliance organizations.


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