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Month: April 2024
Strategies For Overcoming Isolation In Chronic Conditions Survey(1)

Staying Connected: Strategies for Overcoming Isolation in Chronic Conditions Survey

Research has shown that chronic conditions like IC/BPS often result in isolation from friends, family, and others in our lives. Your experiences matter! Participate in our survey to share insights…

Monthly Webinar Series (Twitter Post)(18)

Breaking the Silence: Talking About Suicidality Webinar Recording

The webinar titled “Breaking the Silence: Talking About Suicidality,” featuring Kristi Ninnemann, MA, MPH, explored the urgent necessity of open dialogue surrounding suicide. It underscored the vital role of breaking…

Femetry May Webinar Announcment(2)

Webinar Recording: Advanced Treatments for IC

Watch the recording of the educational webinar titled “Advanced Treatments for IC”. This webinar features Drs. Jennifer Anger, Karyn Eilber, and Victoria Scott, and it is sponsored by Femetry. It’s…