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20 Years Post-IC

My name is Shirley and I suffered with what was diagnosed as IC for eight years and also endured through all the “new” treatments available in the early 1990s. I visited my urologist regularly in the hope something would work, but nothing really did, although I found that pain medication could help get me through a jury trial (I was a trial attorney). In year eight, completely by accident, I had several sinus infections in a row (for me, any systemic infection always ended up in the bladder and increased pain to an unacceptable level) and was prescribed Cephalexin to treat the infection. After I finished the two cycles of antibiotics about six weeks apart, my bladder felt much better. When I finished the third round of antibiotics, the IC was gone! It seems that the various treatments used on me before never reached the ulcer in the bladder lining, but the systemic antibiotics did. No one had treated me with systemic antibiotics for eight years!

Anyway, that is my story and I thought I would share it in case it could be of help to others. I am now about 20 years post-IC with no recurrences. After reading your article on Sjörgren’s, I have about 90% of the symptoms, though luckily, not all at the same time. Living with these various symptoms does not get any easier with age, but you do it one day at a time, and hope the various nostrums the doctors provide will treat your various symptoms. I am still here and just had my 76th birthday!

Yours truly,
Shirley Fagan Reynolds