Out of Pocket Medical Costs for IC

As of November 4, 2010, nearly 400 (386) individuals had responded to a poll asking about their highest out of pocket cost for healthcare. One quarter of poll takers shared that health insurance premiums and co-pays for medicines were their highest expenses. Nearly 10% noted that they did not have health insurance—scary considering the ongoing medical management required to control IC symptoms.

About one-fifth of the group said that annual deductibles were their highest out of pocket costs. Co-pays for visits were emptying the pocketbooks of 12% and the cost of over-the-counter medicines hitting 8% respondents hard. A small group (less than 2%) noted that the charges that exceed their maximum lifetime coverage were their highest out of pocket expense.

To help IC patients combat some of these expenses, the ICA posts information about discount drug programs and other patient assistance programs in the IC & Healthcare Toolkit located in the Living with IC section of www.ichelp.org. Also under this tab, find tips on about living with IC on a Budget.

What is Your Highest Out of Pocket Cost?

Posted November 04, 2010