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The ICA is pleased to offer a new resource to interstitial cystitis (IC) patients, supporters, and healthcare providers: the ICA Podcast series

To listen to a podcast, simply click on the name of the program that you'd like to hear and it will automatically start playing on a new page. On that page you will also be able to download the audio file individually to listen to on your computer or mp3 player. In addition, each podcast has a corresponding PowerPoint slide presentation to follow along with or download to view separately.

A Guide to the Healthcare System

Written especially for the newly diagnosed or not yet diagnosed IC patient and narrated by Linda Salin, ICA Patient Advocate.

A Primer on Disability Insurance for People with IC

Dot Your Is, Cross Your T’s provides an overview of the ins and outs of applying for short-term, long-term and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The podcast is narrated by ICA Information Specialist, Gary Fackenthall.

VOA Radio Interview with Rob Moldwin, MD

Radio interview with Dr. Robert Moldwin, nationally known urologist and author, from The Dr Melanie Show radio program on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. The show was aired on Thursday, January 27, 2011. Download from Dr. Melanie Barton’s content library:

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Other Virtual Education

Homeopathy for Urinary Tract Infections

The National Center for Homeopathy’s (NCH) free webinar, Homeopathy for Urinary Tract Infections can be viewed on the NCH website here: This informative webinar was hosted by Tanya Renner, CCH and guided viewers through using homeopathy successfully to break the cycle of repetitive bladder infections.

What to Know Before Bladder Removal Surgery

The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network hosted a free webinar: What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Bladder Removal Surgery? A Response from Survivors, on Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014 at 8:00 PM EST. Three patient advocates shared their advice. Click here to view the recorded webinar.

The New Normal After Bladder Removal Surgery

While major surgery resulting in bladder removal, enlargement, or urinary diversion is the sixth and final line of treatment for IC and is only recommended when everything else has failed, some patients have found great relief as a result. The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network hosted a free webinar - The New Normal after Bladder Removal Surgery, Part II – on Tuesday, October 21, at 8 PM Eastern. What to expect after bladder removal surgery, preventing complications, and choosing a diversion were discussed. Click here to view the recorded webinar.

NOTE: Part I of The New Normal after Bladder Removal Surgery can be viewed here:

Women In Pain Conference

For Grace held a uniquely empowering event for women in pain, their caregivers, and the healthcare professionals who treat them.

This year’s theme, “Getting Real: Transforming Hidden Truths Into Positive Action,” focused on Chronic Pain and Coping, with a special emphasis on Positive Actions and Forgiveness. The webcast for this event is now available online at

UroToday - Pelvic Health Exclusive

Intermittent Catheters - Teaching Self-Catheterization
Diane K. Newman, DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN
Intermittent catheterization is the preferred procedure for people with incomplete bladder emptying not satisfactorily managed by other methods. In this presentation, Diane Newman reviews the process and provides tips for teaching patients how to self-catheterize.


Revised November 20, 2014