Interstitial Cystitis Reading Lists

Learn more about interstitial cystitis (IC) and chronic pelvic pain. Also, help the cause and the Interstitial Cystitis Association (ICA)—purchase from Amazon by clicking on the links from the ICA website and this online retailer makes a donation to the ICA! 

  • The Patient Resources list was compiled from recommendations by IC patients.
  • The Professionals References list was compiled through suggestions made by ICA Medical Advisory Board members and other healthcare professionals.

Are you newly diagnosed and in search of an introduction and overview of IC? The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide, by Robert M. Moldwin, MD, has been regarded as a tremendous resource for newly diagnosed patients since its publication a decade ago.

Your Amazon Shopping Sprees Can Help Support the Cause

If you purchase one of these products by clicking on one of these links and making a purchase on Amazon, the ICA will get a portion of the proceeds as an Amazon Affiliate! Amazon donates a percentage of sales to the ICA if you click-through this special link to the product on Amazon and make a purchase. The ICA only receives the contribution if you order by clicking on this special link. The donation is not made if you cut and paste the link.

Revised October 04, 2010