IC & Healthcare Toolkit

Managing your interstitial cystitis (IC) symptoms can sometimes be difficult, especially for newly diagnosed patients who are still learning about their IC. Learn more about managing your health and about living successfully with IC.

Health Insurance
Health insurance coverage is essential for people with IC. Learn more about health insurance. Check out this ICA Podcast—Brace Yourself, Curves Ahead: A Guide to the Healthcare System.

Finding the Right Doctor
It is important that you find a doctor who not only is knowledgeable about IC, but one whom you are also comfortable with. The ICA has an extensive physician database to help you in your search.

Pain Diaries
Keeping a daily diary of your pain can not only help you learn what might be triggering your pain; it can also assist your healthcare provider in determining the best forms of treatment for managing your pain.

Learn About Your Medicines
Everyone should be well informed about their medicines. Make sure you know what you need to about your IC medicines.

Create a Pill Card
Keeping a pill card on hand will ensure that you always have an accurate list of your medicines and doses, as well as help you keep track of your medicine schedule.

Patient Assistance Programs
Many pharmaceutical companies offer free or low-cost prescription medicines (both brandnames and generics) to patients; these are known as Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). Many also offer discount coupons for IC medicines.

Support Groups
Find IC support groups in the US and throughout the world. These groups are open to all who wish to attend. (There are a few support groups that cater specifically to men). Find out about a support group near you.

ICA Membership
By becoming a member of the Interstitial Cystitis Association (ICA), you are joining other patients, healthcare providers, and researchers who are committed to ensuring a better life for all of the people living with IC. You are ensuring that more dollars will be dedicated to IC research and you are ensuring that more and more people and healthcare providers learn how to treat IC effectively.

Helpful Links
Here you will find links to related organizations within and outside the US, research information, and other helpful topics.

Revised March 08, 2011