Raise Funds for the Cause

A diagnosis of interstitial cystitis (IC) can be devastating. Newly diagnosed patients need a place to go to get information and education about this disease. For others, IC has become a life-long struggle of pain and debilitating urinary symptoms. The Interstitial Cystitis Association (ICA), the only nonprofit organization that provides and enables research and professional development, advocacy, and education to ensure optimal care for all those affected by IC, offers HOPE.

Fundraisers do make a difference! A contribution at any level helps – nothing is too small! Your community fundraising efforts are vital for helping to support the advocacy, research, and educational activities provided by the ICA and, in turn, the IC community:

  • Money raised for the ICA enables us to continue our nearly 30 years of work ensuring early diagnosis and optimal care with dignity for people with IC.

  • Fundraising activities also increases community awareness and recognition about what IC is, how prevalent it actually is, how it affects the quality of life for patients and families, and why research for better treatments and ultimately a cure is so important.

  • As a fundraiser, you become more empowered by actively working to help the cause. This is a way to take control and feel like you’re really doing something to help find better treatments and a cure for IC.

  • Community drives are also a great way to network and communicate with others with IC who may have issues similar to your own. You may even make new friends!

  • And, they can be lots of fun!






Posted August 10, 2011

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