Winter 2011 ICA Update

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This issue puts a special focus on pregnancy and IC.

Art in this issue

In Daddy’s Hands, the photo of the happy baby on our cover, was shot by professional photographer Beth Trepper, who has IC. Modanna, which opens our pregnancy series, is a painting by fine artist Lou Marek, who loves someone with IC, his wife Claudia.

Should I or Shouldn’t I Have a Baby?

 Worry less about what might happen with your IC and whether you’ll pass it on.

Treatment Choices for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Learn what works, what’s safe, and how to put your pregnancy care team together.

Stay Nourished, Fit, and Comfortable

IC poses extra diet, nutrition, and exercise challenges for pregnancy. Here’s how to meet them and keep yourself comfortable.

Get Off the Cyclic Flare Roller Coaster

Many, if not most, IC patients have cyclic flares. Learn how to keep them at bay.

IC Alternatives: Can Probiotics Ease Your IC?

IC patients are pro probiotics. We take a look at which ones may help and why.

Doctor’s Forum

Gynecologists who gain IC expertise can give great care, says Hugh Northcutt, MD. For him, it’s personal.

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Posted May 09, 2011